Salt and peppermill set with adjustable fineness


  • ADJUSTABLE MACHINING – With the high – quality, adjustable ceramic rotor, our salt and pepper set has an adjustable grinder, with which you can grind your spices from coarse to fine
  • FIT FOR ALL TYPES OF SALTS AND SPICES – Although the name is salt and peppermill, you do not feel limited. You can grind all sorts of spices and salt like sea salt, kosher salt, Himalayan salt, pink coarse salt, pepper nigrum, herculean spices, etc. with it.
  • GET THE FRESH – The lid, which closes perfectly, keeps your ground spices fresh, away from moisture and dust, and free from unwanted residues on your table
  • EASY TO STORE WITHOUT SAUCE – Standing 12.7cm tall, holds a ¾ cup of spices, and has the perfect size for refilling without space. If you have to refill, you will see the clear glass body at the same time when it is time again!


Here’s why our customers choose the “Leesentec Salt and Peppermill” as the BEST choice:

✔ The Salt and Peppermills are both equipped with an adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism The fineness of the spice, from fine to coarse, can be selected manually.

✔ The mills stand upright on the glass ball base; The wort will never leave a mess on your table or work surface.

✔ Covered lid caps will keep our spices fresh longer.

✔ A new Leesentec salt and peppermill , Set in stainless steel, fits well into almost all kitchens. Say goodbye to your old salt and pepper! 100% Money Back Guarantee –  Thank you very much for your confidence and reliability!

We always provide the best customer service and personal after-care service! These mills have 90-day warranty.  BUY NOW – and recommend it to your friends and family!


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